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Inserting a Flash animation into Cutesite builder

Using Mix-FX Flash animations with GlobalScape CuteSite builder.

Follow the steps below to import Flash Designer animation to CuteSite editor.
  1. To start, create your Flash web animation or Flash button with Mix-FX.
  2. Save it as "publish for web"
  3. "Publish for web" creates an HTML file containing the required HTML/SWF code, and the SWF file.
  4. Open Cutesite builder
  5. Create a new document
  6. Position your cursor where the animation should appear.
  7. Choose "Insert/HTML Code" from the menu bar
  8. Now you must insert the HTML code that is required for an SWF files to run in a browser. To do this open notepad (Set files type to "All Files") and select the HTML file you created with Mix-FX - with the "publish for web" save feature -
  9. In Notepad your HTML code will appear. Select the code between the <object> tags.
  10. Copy and Paste the HTML code in the dialog.

  11. Click "Files for this "Web component" button
  12. Click "Add a file" button in the dialog
  13. Browse to your .swf file and click OK

  14. Modify the code in the dialog. Add ^GEMDIR before 2 occurrences of the .swf file name.

  15. Click "Insert" to close the dialog.
  16. Choose "Preview Web Site" from "File" menu to see the Flash movie playing.

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