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Importing into Flash tutorial

Importing Mix-FX animation files into Flash

Inserting a Flash file made with Mix-FX into Flash using the loadmovie action is a snap.
By fol
llowing these simple steps, you will be up and running in no time at all

Please make sure that you have copied and pasted the Mix-FX file into the
same directory as where you will save your Flash file which loads the
Mix-FX file into Flash.

First create a Flash animation in Mix-FX.

1. Open FLash
2. Save the flash file as "loader.swf"
3. Left click in the first frame of the timeline
4. Create a small movie clip (MC) and name the instance name "holder"
5. Right click in the first frame of the timeline. Now a popup menu appears
Click on "Actions"

6. Now the action windows menu pops up. Select from the left pane the
loadmovie action

7. Enter the name of your swf file (in this sample button.swf), select the target mc
and enter into the corresponding input field the instance name you just assigned "holder"

8. Now a small "a" appears in the first frame of the timeline. This indicates that you have
added some actionscript to this specific frame
9. To see a preview of what you have created, select "Control/Test Movie". The preview
will only work after saving the loader.swf file
10. When uploading the files to your webserver you must not only upload the loader.swf
but also the separate Mix-FX file

Sample of a Flash website consisting of several Mix-FX Flash animations
That are combined in Flash (intro page only)

Download a FLA sample of mix-fx and the loadmovieaction


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