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How to add an Intro to my website

How to ad a Intro to my webpage

A very common question is "how to ad an intro to an existing website". To do this you must create the intro page and do some renaming of the previous index.html page.

When you ad an Intro to a webpage you should make sure that the web page containing the intro is named index.html. The index.html is namely the first page that will be loaded when people are accessing your webpage. This is the default setting and all websites on the WWW work like this.

1) So what should happen with your existing index.html? Well you should rename this page to let's say home.html.

2) Now create in Mix-FX the desired animation and enter "home.html" in the weblink input field (you will see the weblink url input field after you have clicked on the "save" button).

3) In Mix-FX save the created animation file as "publish for web" and enter "index" as filename. This will automatically create the required HTML file and SWF file.

4) Finally you must upload the 3 files i.e. index.html, index.swf (the 2 files created with Mix-FX) and home.html (your previous index.html) That's all!




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