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Using Mix-FX To Get Flash Effects
by Menno Berndsen

You don't need to use complex software packages or spend a lot of money and time to create animated text effects, buttons or combined text and background effects. You can do it easily with Mix-FX --an extremely easy to use trialware package -- even for people with no computer/Flash skills. Mix-FX lets you create buttons, banners, text effects and background effects for websites with a range of text and background templates to choose from. If you want to use it on your website, or export it into Flash, you must be a registered user and sign up for a key through our secure e-commerce facility which you enter via the Mix-FX website.

The program is sold for US$27. But before you buy it, you can play with the shareware package and see how easy it is to use. Just start by following the program, step by step.

1. Download the software.
First, you download the free shareware version. After installing it on your computer, you can start making your own effects immediately.

2. Choose text effects. Type your text in the box, select the text effect you want, choose a font, click on, and see it appear in the display window. Change color, size, position or angle of your text to your liking and see the results as you go along.

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