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How to insert SWF files into HotDog

How to embed a Flash animation into Hotdog tutorial

Hotdog has a feature called FlashWizard to help you to import Flash files (swf) and generate the proper Object and Embed HTML tags for the Flash files. FlashWizard will obtains these HTML tags from the SwF file and will automatically add them to your HTML document.

1. To start First create your Flash animation or flash button in Mix-FX, and save the SwF file to the same directory that contains or will contain your HTML page (web document)

2. Open Hotdog and create a new document

3. Save this document to your harddisk to the same directory that already contains the just created Mix-FX file.

4. Go to Tools/Flashwizard. Now the Flash wizard pops up.

5. Browse to the created SwF file (in this sample it's animation.swf) and double clack on it.

6. After you have double clicked on the file you will be automatically brought to the next step called "properties".

7. This is where you can preview your flash file, change the background color, image dimensions and flash file options. Normally you will not need to change any of these.

8. After changing these settings to your liking click on "next Page".

9. The
Flashwizard will now generate the proper Object and Embed statements for the SwF file you selected. You can automatically import this to your current document by clicking "use in document".

10. To preview the created webpage click on Internal Preview.

11. Finally, if you are happy with your webpageselect "File/save as" and save the html file to your hardisk.




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