about me: I'm Penelope, and you're looking at an expression of my latest hobby: webpage design! I want to create as many as 10 different sites, just to explore different ideas and try out new things.

hobbies: Some of my other hobbies include shopping, going out and dancing, spending long weekends going on city trips, and working out at the gym. See, not all webdesigners are geeks! :-)

the design: I like to keep things plain and simple, so all my sites are going to be quite basic, but with strong graphical/text elements. If you like what you see and want to read how I did it, read more.

frontmixpaint: To create this website, I used Frontpage (HTML code), Mix-FX (Flash text effects) and Painter (graphics).

much obliged: Since this was my first webpage, I struggled a bit at first. But thanks to Menno from Mix-FX who helped me to put this first design together, the result is pretty cool, don't you agree?