painter: I started out by creating a background in Painter. Nothing difficult, just a fun-looking font and some smooth colors. Then I created the top and bottom (including the button) of this textbox, and saved these 3 files. Yup, I only used three graphic files to create this whole page.

frontpage: The next step was creating the index.html page in Frontpage. I placed the background picture inside and put a table of 5 rows and 2 columns on top of it. Then I loaded the 2 graphic files into the respective cells of the table, and that was it. Just a couple of hours work.

mix-fx: Then I decided to liven up my site a bit by adding some small Flash Mix-FX animation to it, just to touch up the design. This was perhaps the easiest part, it took me just a few minutes trying out and varying the different templates. That's all!

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